Kyle Sexton


kyle Major: Biology
I'm a fourth year Biology major at Georgia Tech. I am interested in how bacteria promote plant growth and how those effects can be used to improve agriculture.

Research: I am attempting to isolate a variety of nitrogen-fixing bacteria that live in association with Sphagnum mosses. I hope to find organisms that supply significant amounts of usable nitrogen to these plants.

Future Plans:
I hope to continue studying bacteria in graduate school and start a career researching the effects of bacteria on human health.

Ansley Marks


Ansley Marks Major: Biomedical Engineering
I am a second year Biomedical Engineering student. I am interested in working with microbes and their role in the environment as climate change occurs.

Research: I am researching the levels of plant degrading enzymes in peatland communities with different temperatures.

Future Plans: I hope to continue research on the impact of environmental change on microbial communities and how the impacts affect the environment on a large scale.